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Retreading and Manufacturing

Oliver Tyre Group has a Bandag Franchise factory based in Port Elizabeth with state of the art machinery, so our customers can rest assured that our retreading and manufacturing process standards for light truck and truck tyres are of the best quality. The retreading and manufacturing of tyres follows an intricate process to ensure the efficient use of raw materials and to give our customers utmost satisfaction. Below are some of the patterns available from the Bandag range.

  • Stone penetrationprotection in grooveshelp guard againstforeign material damage
  • Targeted tread depth20.6mm for fasterwear rate applications
  • Slotted shouldercomplimenting isolatedcenter elements providelong, even wear
  • Developed for over theroad and P&Dapplications
  • Slotted shoulder andunique blading provideexcellent tractioncharacteristics

  • An urban drive-wheel position tread
  • Offers peak performance on radial casings
  • Exceptional mileage and traction with even wear
  • Ideal for urban bus applications
  • BMS is an all position tread For mixed service applications.
  • Ideal for tyres employed in on/off road applications.
  • Works well in high scrub turning fleets.
  • Stone penetration resistance ensures minimal casing damage.
  • For radial tyres only,
  • BDR-AS is a Bandag Regional Drive Application tread.
  • Staggered lug design to minimise tread squirm and deliver long even wear.
  • Centre tie bars allow for more stability and better handling.
  • Ideal for both regional and long haul road service
  • Tapered lugs for bigger footprint and increased mileage as tyre wears.
  • Light weight tread which is casing friendly.
  • For radial tyres only.
  • UAP has good braking traction on wet roads
  • Designed to fit on to moderate traction axles & trailer axles
  • Provides great mileage
  • Due to the fact that UAP is an all wheel position product, it is extremely versatile in its application
  • The revolutionary tread design helps prevent irregular wear, thus providing incredible cost savings
  • The stone penetration resistance ensures that tyre damage is kept to an absolute minimu
  • A deep, aggressive, drive axle tread
  • For radial and biasapplication
  • On and off roadcompatibility
  • Multi - purpose all wheelposition tread
  • Used from light toheavycommercialvehicles incl. bus
  • Good on and off roadradial and bias design
  • Long and even wearingtread design
  • For radial applications only
  • Aggressive drive tread for on / off road use
  • Wide lugs protect against penetrations and provide excellent mileage
  • Wide tapered grooves are self cleaning
  • LGT is a drive axle tread for severe service applications.
  • Ideal for tyres employed in on/off road logging or quarry applications.
  • A deep aggressive tread provides maximum traction.
  • Stone penetration resistance ensures minimal casing damage.
  • For radial tyres only.
  • Delivers excellent mileage on light truck radial applications
  • All wheel application
  • Good on and off road radial design

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