Oliver Tyre Group
Oliver Tyre Group
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History of the Company

Pieter Snyman wanted to develop a tyre retreading company with its own identity and one that had a national footprint – and that’s exactly what he did.

Since 1965, Oliver Tyre Group has extended from where it began in Somerset East, to all over South Africa, providing all types of tyres from the smallest passenger tyres to the largest earthmover tyres. Through extensive research, Pieter was able to design a suitable product based on clients’ needs, resulting in the growth of Oliver Tyre Group.

The early 1980s proved to be a huge milestone for them when the Oliver Tyre Group’s factory was given the SABS stamp of approval. On successful completion of the GEROTEK vehicle test in 1991, their quality standards improved even more. Not only are their products of excellent quality, they were also given an award forSpecial Services Delivered in Developing Logistics in 1994.

Judging by their national success, it’s safe to say that great quality and excellent client service is high on Oliver Tyre Group’s priority list.